Fan: What is Tony to Miss Chimchim?
Jimin: “My massive husband, To. He’s a nice hyung that’s really kind and cares a lot. ^^” for wealthyhousewife

  297-298/  of jeon jeongguk.

kookie’s little song to jiminie hyung. trans

kookie’s reaction when hobi says fans call him ‘jungkook oppa’

Are you fucking kidding me? What am I to you?

jimin, control yourself. trans

BTS Fanfiction: Catch Me (Jungkook)


When they first met, Jungkook was very nice and open to her that she felt so carefree when they chat.

When Jungkook asks her to hang out with him, she never felt alone.

When Jungkook started caring for her, she felt loved.

She thought it was just a slip of infatuation but feelings are inevitable, it changes even when you try to stop it.

Those were feelings that she wanted him to catch because she’s falling… very deep.

At this sight of him only made Ain soften, and release a big sigh because no matter what circumstance, Jungkook never fails to make her heart flutter even by doing nothing. She walked towards him and stood beside him, both her hands hold on the railings.

"Pretty, isn’t it?" he asked, still staring at the bright city night lights through the glass as the cable car went up & up. She hummed in response, agreeing with his words.

"But you’re beautiful," he whispered as he cracked a little smile.

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